Sunday, May 16, 2010

One more week and I'm done!

I'm so happy that summer is almost here. I have one more week to go and I'll have one of my harder school years behind me. It's been hard for many reasons--new standards, not starting the year with my group because of being home with Owen after his surgery, adjusting to being a mom of three, struggling because I just wanted to BE with Owen...OK, that's enough right there.

I've missed blogging. I can't believe that the last post was on February 14th. I've become a "fast-food" sort of writer, preferring Facebook to my blog, and putting all my ideas down in short spurts. Yes, it's fun to interact, but I miss my blog friends, and I miss taking the time to think things through and express myself without having to worry about word count! It has been difficult to even sit at the computer with a little person wanting to push the buttons, so I will post a quick photo to FB on my iPhone, but I'm looking forward to not rushing around quite so much. Soon...but not yet. One more week.

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