Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dear Tooth Fairy...

"Mom, did you throw away that paper towel on the counter?" The question from Emma barely registered, but apparently the tooth she'd lost while I was having a rare nap with Owen was IN that paper towel, and when I went back into cleaning-up Mom mode, I threw it away. Here was our solution.


  1. So...what's the going rate for a tooth nowadays? Emma, you are a smart girl. Also, you provided some scrapbooking paraphena, paraphernali, para - STUFF - to go along with the scrapbook page.

  2. Emma told Daddy that she thinks she saw the tooth fairy tiptoeing out of her room early in the morning because I-er, SHE forgot to stop by the night before. Need some memory help. Going rate was the change on Dad's dresser...about two bucks. :)