Thursday, June 10, 2010

Translation Unnecessary

The cutest thing happened the other day. Jeff and I were sitting in the bonus room when suddenly the sounds of "Hey Jude" came blaring out of Sophie's room--the "naaah, na na na-na-naa-naaaah" part. Next, we heard Owen's feet pounding down the hall, and he came bursting into the room and started "talking" to us so "clearly", gestures and all. His hands were out at his sides, his little palms were turned upward, shoulders hunched, and the expression on his face was priceless. If he had the words, he would have said, "I was in Sophie's room (I know I probably shouldn't have been) and I touched some button on that pink thing on her night stand, and some really loud music came on and it SCARED ME! Could you please come help me?" So Jeff followed him in there, they got the music turned off, and Jeff said he did the "talking" thing again when they went to shut the door to Sophie's room. This time it was clearly, "I left my car on the night stand and I want to get it." So they got the car, and then all was well. SUCH a cutie, this boy of ours.

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  1. Oh Ann he is so growing up!!! All that lovely hair on top and what a funny story!!! Lydia is much the same speaking something a a hundred miles a minute but no one seems to understand!! So cute!!