Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bye-bye baby curls (maybe...)

Yes, Owen had his first haircut today. A couple of weeks ago one of our little jaunts about town trying to get him to fall asleep, I noticed that the darling little brick building I've always loved on the corner across from the historic Thompson's Station Train Depot was now a hair salon called The Hair Depot. In my dreams I've always thought that little building would make a wonderful artist's studio. Big windows to let in lots of light, and definitely a wonderful vibe about it. Today was the first time I stepped inside, because Owen's little curls had become unruly and it was time for that first trim. Things had not grown evenly. You could definitely tell which part had taken off first and which was still, um, growth-challenged. But why here for the historic event? Because of the sign in the window: "Mini-Cooper Styling Chair for Kids". That was calling my wheel-lovin' boy's name, for sure. (Oh, all was calling scrapbooking, picture-taking Mom's name! Sheesh!)

Here's how it went down. We walked in and he knew something was up. The lady who would be cutting his hair approached us and he started to whimper a little...this couldn't be good, he must have thought. We talked about the cut she'd be doing, and headed to the styling area. She discussed whether I would hold him in my lap or in the Mini-Cooper. Once he saw the car, the choice was made--he was intrigued. The pictures tell the rest of the story. Our stylist was wonderful with him, even when the clippers came out. The suckers sealed the deal (um, literally). We hope the Hair Depot will be around for a good long while. We'll definitely be going back!


  1. What acute hair salon and what an even cuter little boy!! He did great and looks great!! My Mum just cut Lydia's bangs this week too... how funny that they both needed a hair cut the same time!!

  2. LOVE the car...but I'll love the scrapbook page even more! :)