Thursday, November 5, 2009

I have a BOY.

All is pretty quiet on my blog since I started back to work. I think mobile posting may be the way to go for me right now (which really cracks me up because that means "from my bed" where Ican prop up my feet).

I love this photo. A better quality version exists on my computer but then I would have to get up, ergo, no posting. Have I mentioned how much I love my iPhone??? Owen loves it too. I have learned to let Jeff download all the good apps so the kids are always after his phone. I like things uncluttered. Is there an app for that?

Anyway, this photo. My pretty mixing bowls that I broke down and purchased after 20 years with the same wedding gift mixing bowls...and lo and behold, nestled down amongst them is a little Tonka truck on its side! Guess who loves to yank this drawer open every day when Mom is in the kitchen and scatter the contents everywhere??? He leaves a trademark calling card. I love this car and truck loving, all boy-boy.

1 comment:

  1. I have admired those bowls, those colorful happy mixing bowls...and continued to use my clear glass ones, and my old wedding gift ones as well...(sigh) SO anxious to see you guys, I simply cannot wait.