Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cutting to the chase

My little shopper is all shopped out. As I've gotten over the jet lag the past few days, we've been to Target a couple of times, and of course Kroger. Owen loves to ride in the cart. We've been to Wal-Mart this morning, something that exhausts me too, so while he's recovering I have a minute to post some pictures from Gotcha Day with our prize find in China...Chen Li Wen...our little guy.

When we flew into Changsha, the capital city of Hunan Province, we were taken to the Grand Sun Hotel before we went to the Adoption Center to meet Owen. This hotel room had a crib in it...AHHHH!!! It really is going to happen!!!

This was one of the two nannies who came down from Chenzhou with Owen. It is a four-hour trip. This was our first glimpse of Owen. He was peacefully sitting there with his nannies in this little outfit that said "Happy Baby" on true! Only when he's hungry does he complain.

Somebody pinch me! The nannies were very kind. They had several things to give us. One was something I'll have to show in another post...a package with the clothes Owen was wearing when he was found. Breaks my heart. What a treasure to have for him. He was loved, I know this. They also gave us a small gift bag with a map of the city of Chenzhou, marked with the location of the orphanage, a business card of the orphanage director--they indicated he would very much like to have updates on how Owen is doing--pictures, etc., and a little stamp ("chop") engraved with Owen's Chinese name, hanging on a red braided cord. Virtually everyone in China has one of these that is their unique stamp used to sign official documents, etc., and it is stamped with red ink. That was one thing I wanted to be sure I got for Owen while we were in China, and here it was given to him from his orphanage...what a treasure to receive! We felt he was very well cared for and loved while he was in Chenzhou, and have heard good things about this orphanage before from a friend whose baby was there and traveled with us when we went to bring home Emma. I'm so thankful for all the blessings along the way to our boy.


  1. He is a real cutie. Congratulations
    Ginny (AWAA family)

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  3. Ann, He is ADORALBE!!! So glad you all are doing so well. Come by and see us at VCH if you want to see palate recovery in progress!!!

    Oh and you might want to remove the above comment. Looks like sp*m to me. Bummer that annoying people will stoop to such levels!