Thursday, June 18, 2009

How I Love This Face

Just took these today. For my friends at Trinity Elementary, home of the Tigers, notice the bib..."I'm a little Tiger." And in blue and orange! Couldn't resist! Owen has switched over to our time zone, I think, almost. At least no more play dates with Mommy and Daddy from around 2-4 a.m. He saw our pediatrician today for the first time and things look good. He also will see the plastic surgeon on the 29th of June for a first visit about his palate repair surgery. We are so thankful we were able to get in earlier than we'd first thought--hoping to have this done and him well on the road to healing before school starts. I dread it and yet I know it will be wonderful for him to have it done. I am honestly amazed at how wonderful his lip repair looks. I am forever indebted to those sweet nannies who painstakingly fed him with his cleft lip, and then cared for him after his breaks my heart to think of him going through that without me and yet I know that they loved him and took good care of him. I follow the line of his upper lip with my eyes as I hold him in my lap and I am just in awe of what can be done for these children, and that it was done for this child, in an orphanage, at only three and a half months old. China did not make money on him. I can't see how they would have broken even when you consider his care, and especially his surgery--I am so grateful to the orphanage of Chenzhou for caring for my sweet, happy son.


  1. Hi Trubeys! Owen looks like he's doing so well! Love to read the updates and tell Emma "congratulations" on her first tooth lost!