Saturday, June 20, 2009

Emma's Missing Something

Yep, she's lost her first tooth! I was holding a sleeping Owen, Jeff was watching some little golf game on TV (oh that's right, the US Open?), Sophie was on the computer, and Emma was watching the movie "Spirit". She came quietly upstairs to show me a bit of blood on her fingertip, and then pulled back her lip to show that the tooth that has gotten wobblier and wobblier over the last month had now come out and in its place was a bloody hole! This was a moment! And everyone was busy! I asked her where her tooth was, and she said it was on the coffee table. I made as big a deal as I could while not waking Owen, and then I told her to go tell Daddy, who also celebrated with her, but I was thinking that tooth was going to disappear somehow before we could save it. When I finally made it downstairs, the first thing I did was ask Emma where her tooth was, and she said, "Sophie put it in a bag for me." Sure enough, there it was on the counter, in The Baggie, properly written on in Sharpie with the date, and identified as the all-important First Tooth. I don't know if I was more thrilled for Emma reaching that milestone, or proud of Sophie for taking care of her sister in this way. I told Sophie this later, and she just shrugged and said, "That's what you always did for me." Awww. I just love this girl. And now, this moment of Exersaucer-enabled blogging has come to an end. :) Owen needs Mommy.

*** morning, she comes in to show me what the tooth fairy left...and then pulls down her lip and asks, "Mommy, is there any more tooths that is gonna come out soon?"


  1. What a great big sister! I'm so glad I know her ... Carol Worsham

  2. Congratulations Emma!!! You are really ready to start kindergarten. Hopefully the tooth fairy will come and see you again soon. You have a lot more teeth to lose!