Sunday, June 7, 2009

Owen in shorthand

Still on the iPhone so I will be brief as this is tedious. Owen weighs 19.5 pounds, 29 inches long, is wearing 12 month clothes but 18 are working fine. He does not know how to feed himself...I think his cleft palate required special attention and he just waited until they fed him the softer stuff by spoon. I sat with him on the floor for a good hour yesterday with bits of Ritz cracker and he figured out how to put it in his mouth pretty well. Amazing how quick he could learn this simple thing...seems like he should have been able to do this before. He is eating most everything as long as it is soft. He can sit up, pull up to a stand, sort of scoot/crawl but not really crawl--it won't be long. He wakes up with a smile and even his fussing isn't very fussy. Just very sweet. We go shopping on Shamian Island this afternoon and our US Consulate appointment is tomorrow. We are home in Nashville around 5:30pm on Thursday, June 11. I will kiss the ground when I walk in my front door. I love China but I am a homebody and it is hard making bottles in a hotel room when you can't drink the water or wash clothes, dishes, etc.

Gotta go love on my girls...


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  1. Owen is just adorable. Looking forward to seeing him in person. Unfortunately we will not be able to be at the airport for your coming home but hope to be able to meet him real soon! God has truly blessed your family!

    much love