Friday, August 21, 2009

He Moves Mountains!

I have been going about my business today with little Georgia Mei on my mind, praying that she will come through her surgery for God's glory...a testament to His greatness and the fulfillment of all Shannon and Doug have gone through to bring this darling little girl home. I just read the latest post on her blog: "Every Prayer Answered!!!" so I wanted to provide that link here so you can see the whole story: Keeping them in my prayers as they have a long road ahead still, but the surgeon said it should be "straight forward" from here. Last night as I held Owen on my lap and we were flipping through iTunes with Jeff and Emma, I felt so heavy-hearted knowing what might lie ahead for Shannon and Doug and how I could walk where they were possibly headed, how they could be so strong, (only God, of course) and wishing I lived closer so our kids could be friends. I just happened to look in my iPhoto pictures (most of our first China trip pictures are not on this computer but disks...) but look what I found in the photos that I have on this computer...moments before they were placed in our arms--the Millers' daughter Ravenna and our Emma. So, sending our love to you guys--you are braver than anyone I know and we are so happy that Georgia will soon be dancing with Parker and Ravenna.

"I am still confident of this; I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living." Psalm 27:13.


  1. AMAZING NEWS for little Georgia!

    It's funny what you said about living closer to them … I wish we lived closer to them too! Shannon is a dear person. I know what she is going through 'cause I've walked that road and you are right in saying Only God. That is the only way one can do what they are doing. And they are shining so bright!

    Hope all is a go for Owen next week. We're still hopeful our second attempt at palate closure will happen with Dr. K. in September just before S's 4th birthday. Love to catch up with you all sometime.


  2. Hi, just read your blog and we have so much in common. I too adopted (through AWAA) a little one with a repaired cl and unrepaired cp only Sophie is 21 months now. I'm on leave from my 2nd grade teaching assignment. She had her 1st palate repair in February. I'd love to talk about our similar experiences sometime. You could email me at anytime.
    Until then I'll add your blog to my blog list. Thanks for the interesting blogs! Hope to "talk" soon.