Saturday, August 15, 2009

Laaa-la-la-la-life goes on...

Got this chair for Sophie's room. She doesn't like it. The queen of comfort finds it's not comfortable enough--something about the neck area not being just right (yeah, yeah, yeah...), so it's in my scrapbook room (aw, shucks!) She DOES like to plop in it and talk to me there in the scrapbook room. Emma likes it too. She is growing up almost painfully lovely, so mature for just five. Wow.

Our little race car driver. Who cares if he can only go in reverse so far? This is his first time outside, because he's just a little wobbly still on it. He was pushing with his feet...and had the saddest face because Mama was getting farther away with each push. :(

Gentlemen, start your engines!

The melting of my heart...Owen can't use a spoon yet to feed himself, but he hangs on to my hand when I feed him. rush on the spoon thing so far, not on my part. :) Looks like he may be a lefty; grabs all his finger food with his left hand.

Sophie warming up Owen at the Cherry Grove pool...he loves the water!

Our lovely Sophie, now in 7th happy to be back in school. hero. How I love when you walk in the door!

Aww, you love me, you really love me.

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  1. Such a beautiful family!...I love all the photos...your children are just adorable!! :)