Sunday, May 24, 2009

Don't Stop Believin'

So we're in Target tonight...checking out the flatware. Emma is her usual happy self, singing in the cart. The store is more empty than usual because it's kind of late. She's singing with a passion, lots of emotion and lilt to her sweet five year-old voice: "Don't stop believ-in', hold on to that feel-in', street light pee-ple....." She's really going for it, absent-mindedly eyeing the spoons I'm thinking about adding to our collection because somehow ours keep walking off. There are probably some, oh, I don't know, up under Sophie's's just $5.99 for six, Ann. Just do it. Then I hear some people chuckling over in the dollar aisle. Yes, they are just getting a major kick out of the miniature Steve Perry in the back of my cart. I smile, they smile, remark how she's just too cute. She scrunches down a bit, slightly embarrassed, and by the time we are to the next aisle, she's launched into Taylor Swift. That's my girl. Always a song in her heart. This isn't the first time she's charmed someone by singing her heart out as we are rolling along in a store. A girl after my own heart. I remember not long after we came home from China, holding that baby and just rocking her and singing to her for a good hour sometimes. STILL wouldn't go to sleep in her own bed after that, but I guess the music fed her little heart. She was a singer from the very beginning. LOVE that about her. Wonder if Owen will be a music lover? His Auntie Lisa sent him a darling long-sleeved T-shirt that looks like it has an iPod in the pocket and ear buds hanging around his says "Music Lover". I flipped. Sweet. We will soon find out! Leaving for China in four more sleeps!!! (that's assuming I sleep!)

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  1. Hey - showed off the nieces & NEPHEW (finally, someone has a boy) to my buddies in the ER. We are all in love. Safe travel.