Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nothing personal, Wilbur...

...but I'm REALLY not liking the word "swine" these days. Got a travel update from our adoption agency that we could be delayed due to the latest in the swine flu saga...a case reported in mainland China. Everyone in contact with the person in quarantine, including an adoptive family and their guide, and this in Guangzhou (about an hour's train ride from Hong Kong) and where we need to go for our U.S. Consulate appointment. This is the last appointment needed in order to book our flights, and set up all the other appointments, but the consulate is understandably hesitant to confirm this appointment given the cost of having to cancel these flights, or worse yet, get there and quarantine us all. Sighhhhh. I know that from the beginning of time, God has known the precise moment Owen would be placed in our arms, and that this is not surprising or worrisome to him in the least. Um, it's rocking my boat a little, God. Just need some peace. Thanks. G'night.


  1. Praying for you and stomping around frustrated here too...looks like it is dealing LOAs as well. Someday we will sit back and laugh at this as our kids play right???? Hopefully on some tropical beach where we have met up to vacation!!!!!!

  2. Hi Ann, I'm sorry about this. We had a travel delay possibility too due to the Olympics and it was going to mean a 4-week delay for us. God intervened and we made it just in time for Susannah. It was very hard knowing what we knew about how very sick she was, but AW wanted to tread lightly. I would encourage you to contact the Consulate yourself if that is what you are being told is the hold-up b/c that was what we were told but upon contacting them ourselves, all of a sudden our travel plans were made b/c the stories did not match up. If you need help in finding the way to contact the Consulate yourself, I can help. Remember, they are there to serve you and not the adoption agencies. I hope you all hear good news soon. Leslie

  3. Hoping that you guys get to travel really quickly! And that Shannon & I (and the rest of the group)get our RA/LOA quickly. Praying for you guys!

  4. Ann,
    It looks like we will be traveling with you!!! Our children are only about a week apart in age!! I am so looking forward to booking flights and leaving...... praying for more confirmation tomorrow!!!

    Looking forward to meeting you!!