Friday, May 8, 2009

TA Finally!!!!

I hate to say finally...we really haven't waited that long, but it has been an anxious wait due to the H1N1 (swine flu) virus. An extra declaration form for each of our visas was required, stating which countries/states we'd visited recently, and China is being very careful about inviting people over, understandably. Just like I wouldn't want to invite horribly sick folks into my home. But Owen needs to come home! We need to get his palate repair surgery done, start bonding and interacting and getting about the business of being a family! As Emma says, "We need to catch up with him so he'll be doing the right stuff!" Explanation: she was very confused as to why I would comment at bedtime, "Owen is getting up now and having breakfast," and in the morning, "Owen is going to bed now." Finally, I took our globe and a lamp and did the demonstration with her that I do with my third we are, Owen's over here, the sun is here, when the earth turns, he is asleep because see, it is dark there, but we have sun, blah blah blah. She GOT it! So now, Owen will be doing the right stuff, and "all those other babies will still be doing the wrong stuff." Such a little smarty pants! So, it is "almost definite" that we will leave on May 28th, and return between June 10th and June 12th (our anniversary!) We are coming, Owen!!!


  1. Yeah!!!! I'm so excited for you guys. May 28th--is right around the corner. I can not wait to follow your journey into China. I'm so glad that Owen will be doing the right stuff in a just a couple of weeks!! Kids are so cute. Thanks for your sweet comment. Have a wonderful Mothers Day (what a great present!).

  2. Yahoo!!!! Only 20 days!!!!! I am so thrilled for you guys!!!!!

  3. Awesome news! Your children are beautiful. I'm sure you can't wait to hold your little drummer in your arms!