Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Feeling a bit overwhelmed...

It WILL all get done, we WILL get on that plane to go get Owen, despite the many things that need to still get done. I must say I feel less stressed than when we went to go get Emma, or "pick me up" as she likes to say. I am taking time to just BREATHE and soak up the fact that I have a baby boy in China, waiting for me. My laundry's done, most of the stuff on my list is accomplished, it is just pulling it all together, and it's not worth a migraine. Inhale, exhale. God, can't do this without you. Lloyd's message from this weekend was amazing. He ended it with a scuba tank on his back, recalling his experience diving with his brother and how he was reminded to breathe. We all need to breathe, not the toxic things (OK, I have had way too much caffeine and too many m & m's today!)...stress, worry...but just resting in the fact that God has the details under control. I even got confirmation that our visa 37 cable was sent to the consulate today! The rest is going to fall into place, too. Breathe, Ann. Get ready to spend time with your family and go love on that little guy.


  1. Hello Ann,

    I found your blog through Naomi from your upcoming travel group. I look forward to following along on your journey to your son. You will all remain in our prayers and you follow the road that God has set before you! Happy Travels...your precious boy is waiting!! :)

    Blessings! <><

  2. Hi Ann,

    Well you are so close so please take your own suggestion and BREATHE. I know that is easy for me to say, but you are so close so just keep faith and pray and it will all work out and you will all be home as a family in a few weeks. I know that even though you are so close this is when the fear and anxiety really start to build so just fight it. Are you leaving tonight or tomorrow? Also don't worry as Owen will bond with all of you becase even though he is 1 he will sense all of the love that you have for him and it will envelope him.

    Tell Jeff and the girls hi and please know that it will all work out wonderful and that you will be in my extra prayers and thoughts.

    Hugs, Kenneth

  3. Hi Ann! I feel your pain! I'm 8 hours from getting on a plane (5 hours from leaving the house) and I'm STILL not packed! But it will get done! See you soon!!!

  4. Aww, thanks for the encouragement, guys...Chanda, can't wait to meet up with you in Beijing! You make me feel better...I'm not packed completely yet either! My eldest daughter said, "Mom, you were better prepared last time." Thanks, Sophie. Kenneth, thank you...did you have to make me cry? I have stuff to do still! Hugs to you too! Tanya, thanks for the encouragement as well! We fly out in the morning (oh, that's today. 4 hours and we are pulling out of the driveway.)



  5. Ann! I am praying for you guys! I have no doubt that Owen will be head over heels for you all by the end of the trip!!!!!! You are such a wonderful mama and he has sisters that I am sure will dote all over him!!!!!!!

  6. Can't wait to see Owen in your arms! Please give Naomi a hug for me!!! I am just a bit envious you are getting to meet her!!! An added bonus!

    Will be stalking the blog come Monday late night!!!

  7. I hope all is going well. I have been wondering what you are doing. Monday is the big day. Time must be at a stand still for you. Hope to here from you soon on the blog.


  8. Jeff, Ann, Sophie & Emma are safely in China. Ann is having trouble getting on to blog, but wants you all to know they are doing well, and are anxious to get their hands on our Owen. Please keep praying for the safety of all in their travel group!

  9. Can't wait to see the gotcha pictures. Praying for you guys & the travel group. I'm so excited for you.

  10. Jeff & Ann, Sophie & Emma have OWEN! They are still unable to access the blog but have sent some pictures via email. If you want me to forward their email, put your email in the comments & I will send them on. So anxious to see you guys! Lisa (Jeff's sis) P.S. And let me just say, he's Gorgeous (well, Jeff of course, but I was actually speaking of Owen)

  11. Lisa!!!! I would LOVE pictures!!!! shannon_miller72@yahoo.com We travelled with Jeff & Ann last time and adopted our Ravenna from the same orphanage as Emma!

  12. I would also love pictures. I've been stalking their blog since Monday!


  13. New photos sent...all is well with "Trubey-party-of-five". Please continue to keep them in your prayers. Lisa (Jeff's sis)