Monday, May 18, 2009

OK, we really ARE coming, Owen!!!

We got the email today... "Concrete Travel Dates!" Now that's a lovely subject line! May 28 to June 11. The thing we were waiting on was an appointment with the Civil Affairs office in Hunan. Got it! Many Civil Affairs offices are hesitant to make appointments right now, some are denying them, and the China Centre for Adoption Affairs recently encouraged agencies to delay travel when there were several confirmed cases of swine flu. They've been very aggressive about containing it, however, so it appears that it's a go for us! We'll know more about flights and an itinerary possibly tonight still, or tomorrow. It's really happening! If I wake up in the middle of the night, that's it...I can't get back to sleep for all the racing thoughts: how will Owen react when he sees us? Will I know how to feed him with his as yet unrepaired palate? Will we bond easily, or heaven forbid, what will I do if he rejects me and only wants Jeff??? (This happened with one of the baby girls in Emma's group last time...and Emma was none too keen on anyone but me for the first couple days...of course I hardly remember that!) I know it will all be OK...there's just so much to think about, and so much to do! Oh yes, and a school year to finish up! But all the pieces, big and small, are coming together. Like it's all being Divinely orchestrated. Duh. Like, um, since the beginning of time??? Yep. God's just showin' off now. Now if you could just get me through to someone at the National Visa Center so I can be sure that they have our Visa 37 Cable in Guangzhou so that after all of this, Owen is allowed to immigrate to the U.S., that would be just super duper. I've tried twice tonight and they say I need to call back when a supervisor is available. :)


  1. Oh so wonderful news Ann!!! We will get to meet you and Owen! I am so excited!!! Lets get packing!!

  2. Yeah! I'm so excited for you & your family. Can't wait to follow your journey to Owen! Have fun packing.

  3. Hi Ann, I'm so glad I found your new blog! How exciting for your family to grow! It's hard to beleive that it's been over 4 years since we brought our girls home...Elisha is growing up so fast like Emma! I'm looking forward to following your blog and seeing Owen come HOME!