Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My son...the drummer? Hmm...

I don't know why...I just have this funny feeling Owen might be a drummer. He's coming home to a music-loving family. About a week or so ago, I said to Jeff, "I think Owen might be a drummer." Not anything I can explain, really. Just a foggy little vision of a handsome guy behind a drum kit. Strangely, in my vision, Taylor Swift's Fearless is playing...probably because it's the song Emma and I listen to most in the car these days. She's a girl after her mama's heart. We have to start from the beginning of the album when we go somewhere, consequently we know the first 4 songs or so really well (about a 20-minute drive gets us most places we need to go). But seriously--look at his picture! I was sitting in church with this shot on my lap as I have been doing for the last 2 months now, and this week it dawned on me...look at his hands! He just needs the drumsticks! And then I saw our friend Rob, and he agreed...and said, "The block looks like the drum!" Gonna be buying my boy a drum. Yep.


  1. What a precious little pumpkin.
    We are packing to bring home our 20 month old from Shantou.
    Great name you've picked out.
    Your family is darlin'.


  2. Thank you!!! Congratulations!!! So ready to be THERE! (except the packing part!)