Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hang on, Owen baby, we're coming!

We got our PA yesterday! This is the "Pre-Approval", which is China saying "we have received the request by the Trubey family to adopt Chen Li Wen, and after reviewing their plan for his future (a 'Rehabilitation and Nurture Plan', we agree to proceed to move forward into the procedure for the adoption of this specific child." Our agency is wonderful and had no doubts that this would happen, we have long since been through review so if there were any questions about the documents we sent (our dossier), they would have come up at that time, however it is SUCH a good feeling to see this in writing (even if I was staring at Chinese characters! Thank God they provide a translation! :) Now to settle in and wait for the next set of coveted letters--LOA-Letter of Acceptance. Basically this says, we've done all the official stuff, he's yours once you get over here and sign the papers! THEN the last wait is for the TA--Travel Approval. Time to book the flights! Still hoping to travel in June. We're coming, baby boy!


  1. Yahoo!!!!!!!! SO excited for you guys! Hope that you get your LOA soon and cannot wait to follow you to China (literally)!

  2. Congrats on the PA! We are hoping to be right after you guys!