Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back off, Shaddy Boy...

...these oh-so-cute shoes are NOT FOR YOU! Look at that golden snout, sniffing the aroma of those freshly unpackaged suede soles...just longing to chomp down on a delectable hors d'oeurvres of a chew toy and make short work of turning it into...well, never mind. I just registered at Target for a shower for BOY things! This is too exciting! Everything is moving so fast all of a sudden, and after being stuck in a quagmire for the last 2 1/2 years...it's hard to keep up with all we have to do. But when I saw these, and just one pair in size 12-18 months, I had to get them for Owen. I held the soft leather in my hand and tried to imagine them stuffed with a chubby baby foot. Too sweet.


  1. Oh Ann!!!! There is nothing cuter than baby shoes (well except the babies of course)! So excited for you and cannot wait to hear that you have your TA, hopefully soon!!!