Friday, April 24, 2009

Emma's Princess Ponderings

A couple of weeks ago Emma and I were headed in to Michael's when out of the blue, Emma pipes up, "Mom, do princesses have to go potty sometimes? And do they just have to raise up their dresses to go?" Stifling a laugh, I responded, "Yes, they do...everyone does." She says, "Eww...I don't like to think about princess going poo-poo." OK. Must...text...Lisa...I think to myself, as fast as my fumbling fingers can find my phone. Lisa replies back, "It probably smells like daisies and fairies..." and then I replied, "...and it is probably pink, purple, and sparkly."

Next installment...from the back seat, as she's buckling up yesterday: "Mom, do carriages have seat belts?" Oh, how I love this wonderful, magical place she's in right now. Here she is...last Halloween in all her princess perfection. Lucky, lucky me.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Ann! That is absolutely priceless!!!!! Pink, purple and sparkly indeed :) Wish we lived closer so our "princesses" could play! Although mine really wants to make mudpies in her tutus right now!
    hugs to you!!!!